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Terminal Block for XLR


Terminal Block added to XLR contacts allows the user to easily disassemble the connector from the hydrophone cable in the field for routing cable though small mounting holes in panels or waterproof cable glands. M12 nylon waterproof cable gland with o-ring and nut included.

This item is only offered as an assembly option for new hydrophones. XLR connector not included.


1. You would like to place your recorder or mic preamp inside of a waterproof enclosure for use with the H2a-XLR and H2dX hydrophone. Hydrophone is sold with connector installed, so add only this item for easy cable routing.

2. You would like to use our H2c and need a longer cable with XLR output. The connector will not fit through the mounting hole for the hydrophone. The H2c is sold with bare-wire output, so you buy additional cable, XLR connector, termination fee, and this item.

Cable gland specifications (we do not guarantee these, nor the hydrophones or cables with which they are used, for underwater installations):

* UL and cUL rated. CE / TUV / RoHS
* IP68 (Watertight) Bar 5
* 20˚C to +80˚C (-40˚ to -100˚C in static state)
* UL F1 in color gray (black may be substituted based on availability)
* Lock nut and embedded O-ring included
* Heat resistant to 100˚C
* Anti-vibration gland nut