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Aquarian Audio & Scientific is always looking for talent! Do you have unique skills with low-noise analog and digital circuit design, software design for audio testing or analysis, graphic design, marketing, e-commerce, CNC machining, business management or sales? Is underwater acoustics your field of expertise? We would love to make contact with you and learn how you can help.

Aquarian (established 1998) manufactures hydrophones and accessories for monitoring underwater sound. We are well respected in the world community that we serve. We serve a somewhat esoteric need and thus operate successfully with only a small staff. Contract and part-time help are used as needed. We are serious about quality and value high productivity, but enjoy a safe, comfortable, low-stress workplace that values work/life balance.

We will hire the most qualified candidates, but welcome diversity both inside and outside our shop!

We are presently also looking for the following on-site staff.



All current positions filled at this time




General Manager

Do you have a strong skill set for managing business, as well as relevant experience working with sound equipment, underwater acoustics or product design? Robb Nichols, Founder and current GM, would like to hand over the control lever to somebody who can lead Aquarian to an even more compelling place for our customers. In so doing, he'd like to spend more time making cool new stuff and interacting with the marine environment! Bring your ideas to Aquarian!