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The following recordings are submitted by just a few of our many skilled customers. Please check out their links, which will allow you to explore their work in more detail. (Please report any broken links.) Do you have an interesting recording? We'd love to hear it! Please contact us; we will sincerely appreciate your contributions! Make sure to provide information so that we can offer proper credits.

Tomoko Sauvage
Music created from water droplets and other percussion techniques in ceramic bowls
Recording uses H2a-XLR hydrophones.
See and hear many beautiful performances on YouTube here.
This sample audio track is "Making Of A Rainbow"


Capt. Gene Flipse, Conscious Breath Adventures
Humpback vocalizations from the Silver Bank, Dominican Republic
Recording uses H2a-XLR hydrophone.
The sample below is made from four clips of Gene's original recordings.
Listen to several more of Captain Gene's recordings from the Silver Bank on SoundCloud here.


Diane Okonek, Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game sanctuary manager
Round Island, Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary
with support from International Polar Year and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Wildlife Day By Day program
Male walrus vocalizations from Round Island, Alaska
Recording uses the H2a hydrophone
The sample below is made from several clips of Diane's original recording.


Kevin Colver, Utah, USA
Frogs: Stereo recording of Columbia Spotted Frogs
Recording uses H2a-XLR hydrophones.
Hydrophones are placed about a meter apart in a tiny pond of about 4 meters diameter. Kevin notes that he strongly prefers the stereo effect as a recordist.
Listen to this recording on SoundCloud.
Also hear the sound as recorded above water, along with other of Kevin's recordings here.


Richard Devine,
Richard Devine is an Atlanta-based electronic musician and sound designer.
Miscellaneous hydrophone recordings from his collection on SoundCloud
Recording uses H2a-XLR hydrophones and other microphones.
Hydrophone Recordings of Dolphins, Shrimp Feeding, and Hypostomus Plecostomus Fish
Sleds, Crunching Snow, Breaking, Cracking, Ice, and Frozen Hydrophone Recordings
Hydrophone/Lav Recording of 1000 Maggots in sticky wet mud.
Hydrophone Recording of Burning Embers Underwater


Nathan Moody, Noise Jockey Blog,
A multi-disciplinary designer's journey in field recording, sound design, and music
Recordings use the H2a-XLR hydrophone
Check out the blog for most recent entries.
Underwater Bowed Metal, Underwater Finger Cymbals, Hydrophonic Cocktail, Sump Pump, Magnet + Hydrophone and more


Glenn Edney, OceanBlue Adventures
Humpback vocalizations from the Kingdom of Tonga
Recording uses the H2a hydrophone


Graham Nystrom, Graham Sound
Orca vocalizations from Haro Straits, Washington
Recording uses the H2a-XLR hydrophone
Three clips of orca whale vocalizations in our home waters of Haro Straits. Vessel noise in background


Robb Nichols, Aquarian Audio
Humpback Whales in Hawaii
The following three recordings use the H2a hydrophone
The following recordings were made with little to no effort in the recording setup, using an inexpensive Zoom H2 recorder.
This humpback whale recording was captured while demonstrating a hydrophone to Trilogy Excursions of HI while on a very pleasurable scheduled tour to Lana'i in February of 2009. The recorder was being used as a preamp and patched into the stereo system for customers to hear.

Reef Sounds with Humpback Whales
This recording of reef sounds with humpback whales was made from a kayak while just offshore of Kihei, HI. The whales were approximately two miles offshore.

Pacific Tree Frogs
This recording of frogs was made in the pond behind our shop with my five-year-old son. We just put some fresh rechargeable batteries in the recorder and let it record overnight. Play this 30-second clip over again 750 times and you'll pretty much have experienced the whole recording (I think; I didn't listen to the whole thing.) Our UPA-1 preamp (now obsolete) was included in the recording setup.

Human Body Sounds: hydrophone as stethoscope
Recording uses the H2a-XLR hydrophone
After several inquiries, we decided to make a short demonstration recording where the hydrophone is used as an electronic stethoscope. Includes heart (subwoofer or good headphones required), breathing, and abdominal sounds.