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Aquarian would like to thank the following business for supporting our products. As it is impractical for any distributor to support all of the hydrophones that we sell, along with custom requirements, we do not require our distributors to support the breadth of our product line. Aquarian does ship directly worldwide, without recognition of any distributor territories. The following resellers can provide limited local product support and simplify the process of importing goods. Aquarian will honor our product warranty directly if items are purchased through any of the following distributors, but we ask that any warranty claim be initiated through the point of sale. 

Stocking Distributors

Africa (None)

Asia / Japan

See non-stocking

Australia / All Island Nations


Europe, UK

NAUTA ricerca e consulenza scientifica s.r.l. (Aquarian Scientific & Aquarian Audio)

 North America

Aquarian Audio & Scientific (factory direct)
Anderson Manufacturing / (selling only our H2a-XLR and H3x with 6m cable for leak detection)

South America (None)


Nonstocking Distributors:


Canary Islands: Digital Codesign

China: Integrated Systems Ltd.

Denmark: VibrAkustik

France: Nova Physics

India: Alfa Acoustics

Japan: Pulse Denshi Co., Ltd.

Netherlands: Noyz Boyz Advanced Audio Services B.V.

Spain: Advanced Diving Technology S.L.

Taiwan: Purtek Enterprise Company Limited, Taiwan Marine Service Company 


Aquarian offers dealer accommodation discounts based on purchase value. Eligible distributors should be in the primary business of retail sales of professional audio equipment, or test and measurement equipment, or serve as a technical consultant or sales representative for marine electronic systems. We do not offer dealer discounts to end users. If you would like to represent our products, please contact us.