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Hydrophone Cable (meters)

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Our new CA-52 coaxial hydrophone cable has been redesigned to offer a tighter shield with steeper helix angle, which substantially improves triboelectric noise while slightly improving flexibility. Like the previous version, it uses a top-quality polyurethane jacket material that offers exceptional resistance to tears and abrasion while remaining flexible even at very cold temperatures. Please note that animals will chew or pinch through a cable if left on the ground or sea floor. Despite the toughness of the cable's jacket material, it should be protected with some form of conduit when left unattended.

22awg tinned copper conductor with PE dielectric, >95% tinned copper braided shield.

Nom. OD=4.5mm. Specifications/meter: Mass=26 grams; Capacitance=115 pF ;DCR=0.045 Ohms.

Add to your order after purchasing a hydrophone for custom cable lengths, or order bulk with or without connectors for your custom patch cable. Please leave detailed instructions in the "Customer Notes" field of the order form.

Cable will be shipped in a bulk coil. If ordering 30 meters or more, we recommend also purchasing a cable reel.