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H2d Hydrophone

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The H2d hydrophone is designed to offer great sensitivity and low self noise in the human auditory range while being rugged, compact and affordable. Its small, streamlined shape and high specific gravity will help maintain a low working depth in mild wind and currents. Its compact size and flexible cable make it very portable and simple to use. It is available with either XLR or 3.5mm TRS output connectors to work with nearly every recording device with a microphone input. If both output types are needed, the user can easily adapt between the two. When both output connectors are needed, we recommend using the more robust XLR connection and adapting to 3.5mm when needed. Adapters are available here.

XLR output (H2dX)

Used with any microphone preamp with mating connector and phantom power. In most cases, these preamps will be built into a digital recorder, mixer, professional video camera or PA system. Phantom power is required and will likely need to be switched on in your device. Any phantom voltage will work. 48V is standard, but we recommend using the lowest voltage available for lowest power consumption and noise. For more information and limited specifications, see H2dX User Guide.

3.5mm TRS output (H2dM)

Used with compact digital recorders and other devices with mic preamps designed for electret-condenser microphones with 3.5mm input. These may include computers and computer sound interfaces (including tablets and smart phones), radio transceivers, video cameras and audio adapter boards for microcontrollers such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Plug-in power (PIP) is required and may need to be switched on in your device. Please note that adapters may be required for modern computers and that this type of connector is used for line-level inputs and headphone outputs as well. Check compatibility with your device. For more information and limited specifications, see H2dM User Guide.


How to specify custom cable lengths: Select the custom cable length option above, then buy hydrophone cable separately from the accessories menu. Leave notes at checkout with assembly details. If no instructions are provided, we will assume that any cable that is purchased is evenly divided among any hydrophones purchased with custom cable length. If cable is purchased while buying hydrophones with standard cable lengths, cable will be shipped separately in a bulk coil.


  • Low cost
  • Low self noise
  • Good sensitivity
  • Robust design handles accidental drops and temperature extremes
  • Compact (4.5mm OD) Low-noise cable with tough urethane jacket
  • Connects directly with thousands of consumer and pro audio devices
  • Adapters allow use with telephone, radio, and pro audio equipment
  • High-quality gold output connector
  • Compact size and easy hand of cable
  • High specific gravity and streamlined shape keeps hydrophone down in currents
  • 1-year limited warranty (details here)


For H2dX: Any microphone input with 3-pin standard XLR female jack and phantom power should work.

For H2dM: SMART PHONES, TABLETS AND COMPUTERS: All smart phones and tablets that we are aware of use the same connection for both the microphone and headphones. Most newer laptop computers also use this combination jack. The H2d will not work directly with these combination jacks unless there is an automatic switching mechanism built in. An adapter, such as the StarTech MUYHSMFF, must be used to break out the microphone and headphone contacts. Due to limitations in the quality of the preamps that are built into these devices, we recommend using the H2dX hydrophone and the Zoom AMS-22 for connecting to these devices (connect by USB adapter for iPhone or iPad or use as simple preamp with appropriate adapters for Android).

MARINE STEREOS and POWERED SPEAKERS: The H2d hydrophone will not work with a line or auxiliary audio input on a marine stereo system. These will not supply plug-in power or adequate gain. A mic preamp is required.

DIGITAL RECORDERS: Many of the new digital recorders require that you go into the menu system and switch on plug-in power. The H2d will not work before doing this.


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Previous model (H2a):  The H2d utilizes our new CS6 signal conditioning board, which offers approximately 10dB better sensitivity and signal-to noise, as compared with the CS4 board that was included in the H2a. While supplies last, we can still make the H2a and H2a-XLR hydrophone, for those wanting to match a previous purchase. Contact us for details.

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