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Zoom H5 Recorder


The H5 is Zoom's newest recorder, offering the same substantially improved low-noise, high-gain mic preamps as used in their flagship H6 multi-channel recorder. The H5 includes a unique interchangeable mic capsule assembly and includes an X/Y capsule with advanced shock mounts and 140dB capability. Five mic capsules are available, including mid-side, shotgun and additional combination inputs. Connect the highly-directional shotgun mic capsule for zooming in on surface sounds while connecting one or more hydrophones to the XLR inputs for simultaneous surface and underwater recording. The H5 can also be used without an attached capsule, making it very compact and rugged for use with only hydrophones or other external signals. Battery life with two AA alkalines is rated at 16 hours. The H5 can also be used as a USB audio interface for doing real-time audio analysis with your laptop or iPad. Truly an exceptional value in this price range!

Special use: Leak Detection: We highly recommend this product to leak detection specialists. It is compact, easy to use, looks professional, and offers a list of relevant features that can be compared to specialized tools costing many times more. Most importantly, its high-gain, low-noise amps will reveal the faintest sounds. Analog gain controls and push-button channel selectors provide easy and intuitive control. High-resolution metering gives the user an accurate visual representation of signal amplitude. Compression and limiter features will protect the user's ears from handling noise while still maintaining high sensitivity for small signals. Several low-cut filter options allow the user to focus on leak sounds, rather than mechanical and traffic noise. And because you have independent control of each input channel, you can set different profiles for each channel and switch between them by simply connecting to the desired input and pushing the corresponding selector button. Sound from all channels is mixed to both earphones for listening by default. You do not need to use the recording function to use the H5 as an amplifier. Sound from the hydrophone is monitored in real time through the headphones. Though the extent of recording features could initially confuse non-audiophiles, the user interface is easy to learn and it remembers your settings. The recording function can be used for making voice notes (with attached mic capsule) or for customer documentation or employee training. It is also economical to use with its long battery life and support for NiMH rechargeable batteries.

Hydrophone compatibility: We recommend using our H2dX hydrophone to take advantage of the H5's low-noise, high-gain preamps and to provide the best connection integrity. Our standard H2dM will also work using the mic input on the included X/Y mic module and may be useful in applications where other channels are used.


The H5 has a large list of features that we could not cover effectively here. For complete details, images, videos and user manual, visit the Zoom H5 manufacturer's web page.


Included with the H5:

  • Operation manual
  • XYH-5 X/Y mic capsule
  • USB cable
  • Foam windscreen
  • Case


Optional Accessories:

  • SGH-6 Shotgun mic capsule
  • EXH-6 Dual XLR/TRS Combo capsule
  • HS-01 Hot Shoe Mount adapter
  • APH-5 Accessory Pack includes RCH-5 wired Remote Controller,
  • AD-17 USB-type AC adapter and Hairy Windscreen