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PA1 Hydrophone Buffer Amp


Recently improved with new CS6 signal conditioning board--offering more gain and higher signal-to-noise ratio over previous models.

Simple, low-noise hydrophone buffer amp for use with passive hydrophones, such as the H1a. Also works great for buffering piezo contact microphones, electric guitars and other high-impedance audio signals. The PA1 can use any common microphone bias power from 2.5V PIP to 48V phantom-power.

Uses the same circuit as built into our popular H2d hydrophones. 20cm cable, gold 3.5mm (stereo mini) or 3-pin XLR male output, and 6.3mm TS (1/4" mono) input jack.

A buffer amp is required when connecting a passive hydrophone (one with no built-in signal conditioning) to any common microphone preamp. This amp provides the necessary impedance conversion for low-frequency response and minimum noise and adds up to 18dB of gain*.

3.5mm TRS option:

PA1dM User Manual--includes additional information and specifications

XLR Male option:

PA1dX User Manual--includes additional information and specifications

One-year limited warranty

* Gain will depend on the power supply and input impedance of the mic preamp with which this product is used.