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PA1 Hydrophone Buffer Amp

Simple, low-noise hydrophone buffer amp. Use with H1 hydrophones. Also works great for buffering piezo contact microphones, electric guitars and other high-impedance audio signals. PIP or phantom-powered, 3 dB gain*.

In an effort to keep hydrophones affordable for any recording enthusiast, we are offering this simple buffer amp. It uses the same circuit as built into our popular H2 hydrophones. Available for consumer-grade devices with Plug-in Power and for professional-grade devices with phantom power. 20cm cable, gold 3.5mm (stereo mini) or nickel 3-pin XLR male output, and 6.3mm TS (1/4" mono) locking input jack.

A buffer amp is required when connecting a passive hydrophone (one with no built-in amplifier) to any common microphone preamp. This amp provides the necessary impedance conversion for low-frequency response and minimum noise.

3.5mm TRS option:

PA1-PIP User Manual--includes additional information and specifications

XLR Male option:

PA1-P48 User Manual--includes additional information and specifications

One-year limited warranty

* Gain will depend on the power supply and input impedance of the mic preamp with which this product is used.