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Zoom H6 Recorder (All Black)


The H6 All Black 2020 Version is the ultimate portable recorder. With its advanced preamps and optional interchangeable capsules, the H6 All Black delivers unmatched versatility and award-winning quality.

The H6 is your personal music studio 24/7. With up to four discrete line-level / mic-level inputs, plus the ability to overdub and more, the H6 provides the road from a great idea to the perfect track. Two additional inputs are available using the attached microphones or the optional EXH-6 mic capsule (phantom power not available on the EXH-6 module).

Hydrophone compatibility: We recommend using our H2dX hydrophone to take advantage of the H6's low-noise, high-gain preamps and to provide the best connection integrity. Our standard H2dM will also work using the mic input on the included X/Y mic module and may be useful in applications where other channels are used, or where there is not adequate phantom power available to supply all input channels (only relevant if using other microphones; you can run 4 H2dX hydrophones simultaneously. If you would like the best of both worlds, you can buy our H2dX with the XLR > 3.5mm adapter and use either input. Many users enjoy the ability to record surface sounds and underwater sounds simultaneously using either the included X/Y mic capsule or the SGH-6 Shotgun mic capsule

The H6 has a massive list of features. For complete details, images and videos, visit the Zoom H6 manufacturer's web page

Included with the H6 AB recorder:

  • H6 All Black Handy Recorder
  • H6 All Black X/Y Mic Capsule
  • Quick Start Guide