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Breaks out the headphone and microphone jacks from your smart device (phone, tablet, Ipod, computer or similar). Allows you to connect your hydrophone system to one of these devices. Use your mobile phone or tablet for recording or data acquisition with the many apps that are available.

As these types of devices do not typically have the best mic preamps, we strongly recommend using the iRig Pre with the H2a-XLR hydrophone for best results while recording low-amplitude sounds. You may also use this adapter with the H2a hydrophone.

Allows you to record or analyze underwater sound from your iPod touch, smart phone or tablet. Using a smart phone or tablet will allow you to measure* spectrum and power of underwater sound while listening. Great for leak detection. Analysis or recording app for your device is required. There are many free apps available. For high-quality paid sound analysis apps for iOS, consider those of Faber Acoustical or Studio 6 Digital. We are researching Android apps as time permits and will try to include suggestions soon. We can not provide support pertaining to the use of hydrophones with 3rd-party apps and digital devices.

This is the StarTech MUYHSMFF adapter. Nickel-plated connectors. TRRS male to (2) TRS female. Headphone and microphone graphics are molded into female jacks for easy identification.

*For relative measurements only--not calibrated. User must have the technical ability and tools to calibrate a system to obtain absolute measurements. We can not provide this service, as it depends on the customer's equipment.


Manufacturer's description:

The MUYHSMFF Headphone/Microphone Combo Jack splitter (4-position 3.5mm to dual 3-position 3.5mm) is a headset Splitter Adapter features one 3.5mm Male (TRRS) and two 3.5mm (TRS) Female connectors, enabling you to add a mono microphone input, as well as a stereo output to your PC or Laptop, through a single 3.5mm audio port.

While some of the newer laptops from Apple® and Dell® feature only a single (4-position) 3.5mm audio port to support both audio input and output, this innovative headset splitter adapter breaks the audio port out into two distinct ports - one that can be used for a microphone input connection, and the other for connecting external (output) speakers.

The headset splitter features a compact and sturdy design to deliver the perfect solution for applications that require portability, and takes up very little space in your laptop bag.

This high quality 3.5mm Headset Splitter Adapter is backed by's lifetime warranty.