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TRRS Jack > Headphone & Microphone Plugs Adapter

Breaks out the headphone and microphone outputs from the iRig Pre or similar. Allows you to use the iRig Pre as a very cost-effective preamp for a digital PCM recorder, such as those sold on our recorders page, without replacing the TRRS output plug and voiding the iRig's warranty. NOTE: The microphone output is wired to the left channel (tip of TRS plug); the right channel of your stereo recorder is not used. If you plan to use your recorder for monitoring live underwater sound with only one hydrophone, we can replace the microphone output plug with one wired for dual-mono (both left and right channels driven). Buy the 3.5mm TRS plug and termination fee separately.

This is the StarTech MUYHSFMM adapter. Nickel-plated connectors. TRRS female to (2) TRS male. Headphone and microphone graphics are molded into male jacks for easy identification.


Manufacturer's description:

The MUYHSFMM 4-Position 3.5mm to dual 3.5mm Headset Splitter Adapter features one 3.5mm Female and two 3.5mm Male connectors, enabling you to connect a 4-position headset with Audio and microphone input to your PC or Laptop.

This 3.5mm Headset Splitter Adapter connects into both the audio and mic ports on your desktop or laptop computer, providing a single (4-Position) female connector - a perfect solution for online gaming or use with VOIP applications (Skype, chat programs).

Featuring a compact, yet sturdy design, the headset splitter delivers the perfect solution for applications that require portability, and takes up very little space in your laptop bag.’s 2x Male 1x Female headset splitter adapter is backed by lifetime warranty.