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Introducing Aquarian Scientific


Aquarian Audio Products is now
Aquarian Audio and Aquarian Scientific

(February, 2016)

You may notice some brand peculiarities as you surf through A few products are now branded Aquarian Scientific. So who is Aquarian Scientific and where are these products made? We are in fact the same--same people, same office, and same production facility. Aquarian Scientific is a complimentary brand to Aquarian Audio. Whereas Aquarian Audio has always focused on providing tools for underwater listening, Aquarian Scientific will provide tools for underwater measurement.

These two brands reflect a difference in the design goals of the products they represent. Every product design is a balance of strengths and compromises. We strive to provide tools that are relevant to our customers without needless expense.

We founded Aquarian Audio to give the ecotour provider a high-quality tool for sharing whale and other sounds with their guests. Low-cost, rugged, easily-repairable hydrophones that prioritize high sensitivity, low noise, and direct compatibility with mass-produced audio equipment are critical attributes in this application. In meeting these requirements, Aquarian Audio hydrophones have also become essential tools for many leak detection technicians and recording professionals around the world. To achieve these requirements simultaneously, we sacrifice linear bandwidth and output stability. Aquarian Audio hydrophones will suffer from minor changes in frequency response and sensitivity at different depths and when used with different microphone preamps.

Aquarian Scientific will provide tools to professionals who must quantify their measurements with a degree of accuracy and repeatability that is difficult to obtain with Aquarian Audio's legacy products. They are shipped with more concise performance data and are subjected to a more rigorous quality control procedure. Linear response and dynamic range is greatly extended as compared to Aquarian Audio hydrophones, and stability is improved. But cost is higher, sensitivity is reduced, they are not as physically robust, and they are more costly to repair when damaged.

There will be cross-over applications between these brands. Aquarian Audio hydrophones have been used in hundreds of successful research and industrial applications, but they are best used for detecting events and measuring timing differences. Aquarian Scientific hydrophones can certainly be used for tourism or in the making of high-fidelity audio recordings, but the user will incur a higher expense and will need to place appropriate buffer modules between the hydrophone and mic preamp. Each are high quality brands and each will more concisely serve the needs of our customers.

We look forward to expanding upon the offerings of each brand in the coming years to best serve our customers' diverse range of applications.

Thank you for considering Aquarian Audio and Aquarian Scientific!

Robb Nichols, Founder and President
AFAB Enterprises, LLC
Aquarian Audio
Aquarian Scientific