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A5 Hydrophone

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The A5 is a new hydrophone from Aquarian Audio that improves upon the bandwidth and sensitivity of the well-established "H" series hydrophones. Its very small size and standard panel-mounting design with low-profile output connector will make it very useful for integrated systems, such as autonomous recording units, autonomous and remote-operated vehicles, and dive camera enclosures. When fitted with the optional weight and longer cables, it will be equally useful for typical deep-water and field recording applications. The compact and rugged sensor design will be especially useful for leak-finding and other service and industrial sensing operations.

The A5 uses a low-profile 3.5mm TRS output plug that is easy to pass through cable glands or penetrators and allows for the option of adding optional accessories. It is designed to connect directly with standard digital recorders that offer plug-in power on a standard mini jack. It can be powered from one leg of phantom power, as used in microphone preamps with XLR input. However, we recommend using the PIP>XLR adapter for lower noise and true low-impedance, balanced output. NOTE: TRRS jacks, typically used for headsets with cell phones and computers, will require an adapter to break out the separate mic and headphone jacks. The A5 will not work directly with AUX or LINE jacks, such as used on marine stereos and powered speakers, as these will not supply plug-in power and do not offer adequate gain.


  • Sensitivity: -173dBV re: 1uPa (-193 sensor + 20dB integrated signal conditioning)
  • Linear bandwidth 20Hz - 10KHz (+/-4dB)
  • Directivity: Omnidirectional (<20KHz)
  • Max depth: 100 meters
  • Output connector: 3.5mm TRS (wired dual mono--tip and ring output; sleeve ground)(5.5mm outside diameter)
  • Plug-in Power required (2.4V, 400uA min. 48V, 10mA max--see additional notes about connections above)

Price includes 0.5m cable length. For additional cable length, please purchase CA-52 cable separately - see details below.

Options include:

Future options include:

  • Contact mic adapter (planned--not yet developed)
  • low-profile, abrasion-resistant thread cover for use in pipes or other neutral-buyancy applications (planned--not yet developed)


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