We are often slow to update this area. Thanks to all those who have offered their support! Here are a few samples from e-mail that we get from our many satisfied customers. Please contact us if you would like to share your satisfaction with our products or services. We will sincerely appreciate your contributions!


"Just wanted to let you know that the mic (H2a-XLR) worked wonderfully.  The director was very happy and we got some very good sound.  Thanks again for all your help.  I'll send you a link to the film when it's done."
Barton Hewett, Big Dog Sound - Vancouver, BC Canada

"I just wanted to say thanks and share a video which showcases the H2a-XLR in conjunction with dry ice. I couldn't be happier with the product. See the video here: http://vimeo.com/10107852. Note: The left channel is the H2a-XLR. The right channel is a contact mic. Thanks once again! "
Fredric Vogel - Oslo, Norway

"We were able to make another recording with our new Aquarian Audio hydrophone, which has allowed us to listen to and record the songs in excellent high fidelity. The Aquarian Audio hydrophone has wowed everyone who has had the chance to listen to it. With it's sensitivity and clear sound it has been a pleasure to use."
Excerpted from the Conscious Breath Adventures' Whale eMail Cruise Report: Feb. 13-20, 2010

"Your help is really invaluable with this. It's such a mental comfort to know that the water-recording equipment in my project--which is so totally vital--is in trusted hands."
Christopher Slate - Woodland Hills, CA, USA

"A quick note to say that the hydrophones arrived about a week ago, and they are fantastic!" "I look forward to doing business with you again, and send my thanks for the excellent service and products."
James Webb - Cape Town, South Africa

"Received hydrophone today, plugged it in and it works great with the Honeytone. I wish the rest of life were so simple! Thanks for making this happen so quickly."
John Harper, Coastal and Ocean Resources Inc. - Geological and Environmental Science Consultants - Sidney, BC Canada

"We just did our first live performance with your hydrophones and wanted you to know how impressed we are with the sound quality and construction."
Samuel Morgenstein, MiMo - Professional Sound Libraries for Modern Music Production - Toronto, ON Canada

"We have worked in professional Film and Television now for over 30 years and specialize in underwater audio work. The feed back we get from Broadcasters such as the BBC, and many others worldwide, who use our Aquarian Hydrophones and our other equipment is excellent. The hydrophones sound good, are robust and easy to use in a professional environment. We unreservedly recommend them."
Dave Blackham, CEO, Esprit Film and Television Limited - Nr Saul, Gloucestershire, UK

"We wanted to let you know that the Hydrophone system arrived and we are extremely pleased with the quality of sound. We like the compact size too. Mahalo for sending it so quickly."
Melainah & Michael, Sunlight On Water - Kailua-Kona, HI, USA

"I can't begin to tell you how much fun we are having with the hydrophone. It is truly one of the best gifts a person could give or receive."
Sherry S. - Kihei, HI, USA

"I recieved the hydrophone today and it is fantastic - I simply cannot thank you enough. Service from start to finish including delivery speed, item purchased and your own customer support have all been outstanding. Truely commendable"
Jac C. - Blackpool, UK

"It is an extremely rare pleasure to experience the unbeatable customer service and kind advice that you have consistently provided"
Colin Brown - Kendal, UK

---- "Just wanted to let you know the hydrophone and speaker purchased works beautifully. For the past several days there has been a group of about a dozen humpbacks nearby, very actively feeding, and the underwater vocalizations are spellbinding. The sounds come through clearly and allow me to predict when they will surface; it is an amazing experience that adds immeasureably to what one would normally enjoy only visually. Like an iceberg, most of the full picture is subsurface."
Mike Pagano - Juneau, AK, USA

"Your hydrophones were fantastic.  It is only the very beginning of the project which will expand dramatically and musically in the year ahead, thanks in part to your excellent product."
Juliana Snapper, Vocalist - Los Angeles, CA, USA. Referencing her underwater opera project, Five Fathoms Deep My Father Lies

"Your equipment works great! The speaker far outperformed my expectations. For the amount of money spent, it was a fantastic investment for my customers' enjoyment. Now they don't even want to listen to the stereo anymore; they'd rather listen to the various songs that the humpbacks whales produce. These are truly awesome creatures to listen to. I highly recommend anyone skeptical about purchasing to be brave and go for it, they will NOT be sorry!"
Capt. Clay, Hallelujah Hou Fishing - Kaunakaka, HI, USA

"The mics came and I've done one test recording for about an hour--people playing in a swimming pool. Some outstanding sounds and the mics exceeded my expectations. Great stuff and thanks!"
Greg - Brisbane, Australia

"Folks are loving the new system and the dimension it adds to their nature connection. It saves us when whale watching turns into whale waiting, and also helps us to determine if they’re going to be submerged for extended periods (whether to move on to a more active pod, or wait around for a surface)."
Tori, Wild Side Specialty Tours - Waianae, HI, USA

"I’m happy to report that your hydrophones contributed to winning an Emmy. Dave Ruddick loaned me his Aquarian hydrophones so I could record stereo cracking lake ice. It was a central piece of the sound mix on a PBS “Nature” episode that helped Dave and I win the News and Documentary Emmy for Best Sound.”
Brian, Audioscape - Bozeman, MT, USA

"We are really enjoying the new hydrophones, they have such a great crisp sound (all the boats are fighting over them)."
Robyn, Pacific Whale Foundation - Wailuku, HI, USA

"I appreciate that you gave me personal attention and advice on selecting the right hydrophone and accessories to complete my installation. This really set your company apart from the others that I considered. I will definitely refer you to any neighbors interested in putting in a hydrophone system."
Jonathan - Galvaston, TX, USA

It is our policy not to disclose names without permission from the author. As the following comments are just taken from random e-mail, they are listed anonymously.

"Just wanted to let you know that the new redesigned hydrophone that you sold me to use on our whale-watch boat works very well... much better than the old yellow ones."

"I got the hydrophone and man it works great. I will probably be ordering another in the next couple of weeks for an upcoming show. Thanks again for the support, info and great product."

"Thanks so much for your quick response and awesome customer service! All of us cetacean geeks up here love your products. We were lucky enough to eavesdrop on some very vocal and hungry bubblenet-feeding humpbacks last week!"

"Just thought I'd email you to say that we've been using the hydrophone together with an FM transmitter as well as a recorder. We're VERY pleased with the quality of the sounds we're getting (although some of the passing boats are extremely noisy). We plan to post a few of our whale (Orca and Humpback) sounds from the BC coast on our web site in the next couple of months."