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iRig Pre

Hydrophone preamplifier with phantom power for connecting any of our hydrophones, buffer amps, or adapters with XLR output to an iOS device, such as an iPhone. This will also work with other smart phones and tablets and also digital recorders when used with an adapter.

Allows you to record or analyze underwater sound from your iPod touch, smart phone or tablet. Using a smart phone or tablet will allow you to measure* spectrum and power of underwater sound while listening. Great for leak detection. Analysis or recording app for your device is required. There are many free apps available including the two shipped with the iRig Pre for iOS devices. For high-quality paid sound analysis apps for iOS, consider those of Faber Acoustical or Studio 6 Digital. We are researching Android apps as time permits and will try to include suggestions soon. We can not provide support pertaining to the use of hydrophones with 3rd-party apps and digital devices.

Made by IK Multimedia. 90-day manufacturer's warranty. Powered by 9V battery. For complete details and specs, see the manufacturer's web page here.

*For relative measurements only--not calibrated. User must have the technical ability and tools to calibrate a system to obtain absolute measurements. We can not provide this service, as it depends on the customer's equipment. The headphone jack on this device is only an extension of the phone or tablet with which it is used. You can not use this device independently for listening.

Additional Observations:

The iRig Pre offers very respectable performance and good build quality for such a low-cost device. We measured one sample and got the following results: EIN (20Hz - 20KHz, 150 ohm input) unweighted: -112dBu, A-weighted: -114dBu, -3dB@90KHz, 23 dB max gain.

Optional 3.5mm TRS output will allow the use of this product with digital PCM recorders, and computers, but will void IK Multimedia's warranty. Headphone jack on iRig pre will be disconnected. Use headphone jack on computer or recorder for monitoring sound. Tip and Ring will be shorted to provide output to both left and right input channels of your recorder unless you specify otherwise. When using the StarTech adapter, only the tip (left channel) is connected to the recorder. To order the iRig Pre with a 3.5mm TRS output, add these items to your cart: 3.5mm TRS plug and Termination Fee. Other connectors can also be specified. Use the comments field at order checkout for providing instructions.