Consider using a digital recorder as a mic preamp.  All of them will allow you to monitor sound live, whether recording or not.  For details, check out the new Zoom H5 and others on our recorders page.

PA1 Hydrophone Buffer Amp



Low-cost Hydrophone FET buffer amp, low-noise, low-power, 3dB gain.  Use with H1 hydrophones. Also works great for buffering piezo contact microphones, electric guitars and other high-impedance audio signals.

  • 3.5mm TRS 
  • XLR Male (+$3.00)

PA-4 Hydrophone Preamplifier


Low-noise broadband hydrophone amplifier for use with AS-1 and others.  Provides the necessary signal conditioning for connecting hydrophone to... More
  • P48 (phantom power assembly) 
  • DC (external power assembly) (+$3.00)
  • BO (board only) (-$35.00)
  • for Aquarian Scientific hydrophones 
  • for Aquarian Audio hydrophones 

iRig Pre



Hydrophone preamplifier with phantom power for connecting any of our hydrophones, buffer amps, or adapters with XLR output to iPod, smart phone, or tablet.  Also works well to boost the signal to portable recorders with adapter.

Rolls MX34 LiveMix Preamp / Mixer



Portable 2-channel battery-powered mic / hydrophone preamp, mixer and headphone amp for H2a and H2a-XLR

Honeytone Amplified Speaker

CODE: H-tone


Amplified speaker for use with H1a hydrophones